Citizenship is most basic issue in 2008 presidential election

Minnesota Public Radio's Public Insight Journalism project is an important example of civic engagement. It explores issues that are of concern to voters but may be overlooked in the hype and hurricane-like coverage of what candidates are paying attention to in the presidential election.

But I would add -- as a different kind of issue -- that the new November 5th Coalition asks citizens to think about how we can be partners with politicians in public problem solving, and what we bring to the election and afterwards. The November 5th Coalition is a broad, all-partisan alliance of citizen groups including the American Democracy Project, members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the National Civic League, and

We ask all voters to consider which candidate would be best to work with as a partner, not a superhero who will save us or fix things. Our most basic issue is citizenship itself. The November 5th web site lists many ways to be involved.


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US Presidential election 2008 will see the participation of a huge number of candidates. The high-profile national level parties like the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have almost completed finalizing the names of the potential candidates from the various states for the primaries, which will be held in the months of March/ April in 2008.

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