"Green" civic organizers achieve success on local project to improve water quality

Jenny Morris, a transplant from Missouri and recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, was looking for ways to connect with and be more involved in her new community, and develop her skills as a leader.

Through the Citizens League, a Minnesota policy organization that aims to promote the common good, she joined a handful of other young adults to form an environmental action group. Dennis Donovan, an organizer at the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, helped connect Jenny's group with high school students at St. Bernard's school in St. Paul who are learning how to make positive change on issues they care about - like water quality - using the Public Achievement organizing model.

In an interview with Ellen Tveit, Jenny talks about her work with the team at St. Bernard's. She describes some of the challenges they faced - from identifying a clear goal to overcoming bureaucratic hurdles - and the skills they learned on the way to achieving success.

Jenny looks forward to putting her new skills to use - along with the many relationships she's built - in a professional capacity: she recently took a job at the state capitol working for a legislator who chairs an important and powerful legislative committee.

Listen here.

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