Minnesota citizens step up when veterans come home

In this month's Minnesota Journal - a special edition devoted to the Warrior to Citizen campaign - Citizens League executive director Sean Kershaw writes in a typically compelling way about what returning service members can teach us about civic participation. Jodi Bean and her husband Brian, both Air Force veterans who were deployed in Iraq, share their experience making the transition from military to civilian life. And Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Renee Worke and Minnesota state Sen. Tarryl Clark describe legislation that would provide greater protection to people - military personnel and others - using a Power of Attorney agreement, and how judges and lawmakers can work together on such issues. If you want to know more about issues faced by returning veterans, or what Minnesota communities are doing, the Journal is a good place to start.

Also this month, VFW Magazine profiles successful reintegration efforts in four states. Minnesota's profile stands out - not only do we have innovative programs and services offered through state and nonprofit agencies, we also have robust reintegration efforts at the community level. The Minnesota profile is titled "Minnesota Citizens Step Up."

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs