Can young people bring peace to Jordan, Serbia and other troubled regions?

Groups of young people in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Serbia, South Africa and South Korea have been considering the ways in which violence impacts their daily lives, and have been developing practical action projects that help develop alternatives to violence and avoidance as responses to conflict. Public Achievement Northern Ireland is hosting them as part of the Youth Work in Contested Spaces project. Click here to read more about the Youth Work in Contested Spaces project.


It is a wonderful approach to an "impossible" solution. Nothing is impossible but it is less complicated with the young people. Many reasons. I would have wished to be young as I did see a lot. From 2nd WW onwards in Bosnia,Croatia,Serbia. Lived in Southern Africa for many years: Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa.
I am glad it is in your minds.
If help needed, let me know.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs