Seeking VISTA member to support neighborhood-based learning in St. Paul

nlc_circle.bmpThe Neighborhood Learning Community is looking for someone to support its work through the Americorps VISTA program.

The Neighborhood Learning Community has an ambitious goal of creating a culture of learning on the West Side of Saint Paul. Our work focuses on creating a shift in culture that empowers many different people to feel confident and capable in supporting education and learning rather than relying solely on experts and credentialled teachers to educate. We do this by tapping the talents and resources of residents, community organizations, and institutions to co-create learning opportunities that connect people back to the neighborhood and build their civic skills. Creating the infrastructure that can support this exciting and creative work takes skilled individuals with a talent and passion for community organizing.

Our VISTA member will work to develop, strengthen, and make more visible the infrastructure of the Neighborhood Learning Community (NLC) while fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration in the organizations and community members who participate in the work.

This work would include:

  • building relationships with West Side community members and organizations
  • expanding the breadth and depth of people's involvement in the NLC
  • focusing on engaging youth, immigrants, and people of color in the overall work of the NLC in meaningful ways
  • working to support current and new learning opportunities connected to the NLC
  • working to share the story of the NLC with other neighborhoods and communities
  • continuing to work with West Side schools to connect and extend learning that happens in the neighborhood to learning that happens in schools

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity or the NLC, please contact Erik Skold, Neighborhood Learning Community coordinator through the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, at 651-209-3519 or at

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