A Growing Family of Combat Veterans

Veterans who have uncovered ways to share stories of service are chronicled in a recent article in the New York Times. Vets 4 Vets, an apolitical nonprofit out of Tucson, Arizona, organizes peer support groups for recent veterans around the country.

Much like the Warrior to Citizen Oral History Project, the apolitical Vets 4 Vets nonprofit offers veterans who tell their stories "a place where troubled warriors start to heal, one step at a time". The project strives to spark community dialogue about what communities can do to aid in a veteran’s reintegration process, a goal similar to the accomplishments of the Warrior to Citizen Oral History Project.

The Warrior to Citizen Oral History Project involves a diverse group of citizens, both veterans and non-veterans, working together to document an important piece of Minnesota history. It grew out of a desire to provide a voice for Minnesota veterans about their contributions and their experiences returning to home, work and community life after deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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