"It serves the state better" - staff organize in the Minnesota Legislature

We all have frustration with our jobs from time to time. What can we do when the physical layout of our workplace itself - offices in different buildings, on multiple levels, around corners and tucked in basements - hinders our ability to do our jobs well? Can organizing help?

In August, I sat down with Minnesota State Senator John Marty and his Committee Administrator, Laura Blubaugh, to discuss a new staff-driven initiative built using organizing principles.

The vision of the Staff Action Network is of a more connected, more committed, more productive staff - ultimately benefiting the staffers themselves, the senators they serve, the Legislature, and the state as a whole. "There's so much potential and so much talent," Laura says of legislative staff. "This is a way of building up our own ability to contribute."

Listen to Senator Marty and Laura discuss the creation of the Staff Action Network.

Do you have similar examples of organizing within your workplace that has led to positive change?

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs