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CDes Computer Lab Info for Fall Semester 2009

Several things in the computer lab will be changing for the next year. We will be rolling out new prices for printing & plotting (see below), as well as upgrading some of the computer lab machines and software in the labs.

Please refer to the following links to find out what software will be on the CDes computer lab machines for the 2009-2010 school year.

Rapson Hall
McNeal Hall 305 - PCs
McNeal Hall 305 - Macs
McNeal Hall 216
McNeal Hall 336

Please note that these lists refer to "core" and "supplemental" software; the differentiation is described in the College of Design Change Computer Lab Change Management Policy. However, a brief description is given here as well:

Core software is available in all CDes computer labs, and is always upgraded to the newest version each fiscal year. Supplemental software, on the other hand, is not necessarily available in all CDes computer labs (but will be available on all computers in a particular lab, if it is in there). Additionally, it is upgraded to newer versions upon request by the stakeholders, not automatically as with core software.

New prices for printing and plotting have gone into effect as of July 1st, 2009; they will be as follows:

B&W Plotting: $1 / linear foot
Color Plotting: $3 / linear foot
B&W Laser Printing, Single-Sided: $0.05
B&W Laser Printing, Double-Sided: $0.08
Color Laser Printing, Single-Sided: $0.12
Color Laser Printing, Double-Sided: $0.20

Please check back on this entry again, as it will be continually updated with new information throughout the summer.