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Blist as a collaborative database tool

I have been hunting all week for an online database tool that allows for collaboration both in the database building and populating and was coming up dry until blist.com popped up.

This may be of interest to groups and collections looking for a quick collaborative database tool, you can also create forms to plug into your web pages.

Upon first impressions blist appears to be a great tool for simple web based databases (albeit flat). it builds like FileMaker where you can drag and drop fields into the table or form. You can also add on all sorts of tools and widgets, there are quite a few help videos to assist from start to finish.

Blist also exports, which is a huge bonus and one of the current issues with cataloging into a wiki (although I think wikis are fantastic collaborative tools).

People can also share templates once created which will be a huge bonus to the cultural heritage community if a VRA Core template is released.