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Rapson/McNeal Hall Computer Lab Improvements Planned

While students and faculty are enjoying the summer break, CDes IT and OIT/ADCS staff will be working hard making improvements in Rapson and McNeal Hall computer labs.
The “CALASTUDENT� login is going away in Rapson Hall. On both campuses, students will be logging into lab computers with their Internet (X.500) login and password. As part of this change, some of the “behind the scenes� infrastructure will be changing which will mean different ways to access network storage (class folders). For more details on the UMN Active Directory (UMNAD) service see the web site. More details about the college’s plans are available via the FAQ.
A new color plotter, identical to those in Rapson, will be installed in McNeal Hall. New computers, both Mac and PC, will be installed in many of the McNeal labs. The primary Rapson teaching lab, room 33, will have new computers installed as well (based on expected funding levels). The color laser printers will be replaced in Rapson.
Many popular application software packages will be updated including AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and the Creative Suite. There may be some new software titles added on both campuses (depending on funding) like ECOTECT in Rapson and OptiTEX in McNeal.
So, as you can see, there will be a lot of work going on over the summer months. There will be more information available next fall and, of course, lab staff in Rapson and McNeal will be available to answer questions and help out. Make sure to check the CDes Labs web site during the summer for progress updates.