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Summer Desktop Support Advisory

With the start of the summer break, the CDes desktop support team has begun work on a variety of projects to prepare for next school year. Some of these projects require training and time away from our desks and offices. In addition, vacations are planned at various times during the summer which will also have staff out of the office.

To ensure that your request is handled quickly and completely please remember to call the CDES Help Line whenever computer support needed. By using the Help Line number (6-7760) you will reach someone at all times during business hours. Whoever answers will be able to help you directly in many cases or, if not, to assign the person who is most available to assist you. This will also ensure that your request does not end up in the mailbox or in a voice mail of some one who is not in the office.

Thank you for you help and understanding as we work to improve desktop computing in the College.

College of Design Desktop Support Team