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Make CEHD Surveys iPad-Friendly

This 2-page pdf document is intended for users of the CEHD Survey Tool. If you would like to use an ipad to collect multiple responses to an online survey these are the steps to follow in order to configure your survey appropriately.... more ».

Making CEHD Surveys iPad-Friendly.pdf
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TurningPoint Clickers and Moodle

Courtesy of the Moodle support staff, here are some instructions for intergrating Turning Point clickers into your course site: To import via block: 1. Go to your Moodle course site, add TurningTechnologies block. Add clicker numbers, or ask students to do so. (Notice that by going to the block settings... more ».

Google Apps Featured in U of M Brief

Google Apps for the U of M was featured in the June 23 issue of U of M Brief in a story about the changing ways in which Information Technology services are delivered and how those changes will benefit the U systemwide. Read "Collaboration is the key to IT."... more ».

Collaboration is the key to IT | web page (static)

Technology Project Evaluation Guide

This guide has been adapted to guide Instructional Technology Fellows and others who are interested through the evaluation process. It has been adapted from the 1998 U.S. Department of Education "An educator's guide to evaluating the use of technology in schools and classrooms" and the "FAST Tex 2005 Program Evaluation... more ».

Tech Project Evaluation Guide.rtf
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Digital Video Tips

New to digital video?  Here are some helpful tips that can get you started.  This short digital video guide provided by Adobe covers basic video camera handling technique, lighting, sound, framing, shot selection and camera placement. ... more ».

Digital Video Tips.pdf
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The Center for Teaching and Learning has many online workshops and tutorials that might be useful for instructors and faculty.The workshops, and a brief description, are as follows:Active Learning with PowerPointHave you ever used PowerPoint in the classroom and been less than impressed with it as a teaching and learning... more ».

CTL-online-workshops-tutorials | web page (static)
This is a Wii hack that allows you to create a SMART Interactive White Board (typically costing thousands) for just about $50 by using a projector screen (previously installed in just about every classroom, a Nintendo Wii remote and a trip to Radio Shack!... more ».

Wii Remote Smartboard Hack TED Video | video

Instructional technology workshop form

This is a short survey designed to inspire CEHD Instructional Technology Fellows. It's an example of getting quick input on instructors' use of specific tools. ... more ».

InstrTechWorkshopForm | web page (static)

Instructional technology request form

This survey is designed to help CEHD Instructional Technology Fellows with planning at the beginning of each semester. It is extremely useful to reach out to all faculty members, and to systematically collect instructional technology requests. Fellows may want to change the content to fit their purposes.... more ».

InstrTechRequestForm | web page (static)
There are several ways to access video content from PowerPoint 2007.  This easy to follow guide created by Cliotech (a.k.a., Jennifer Carrier Dorman) shows the three ways to embed media.  The author has included active hyperlinks to, but access to that content is not free.  However, the "how to"... more ».

Video in PowerPoint 2007 | web page (interactive)

How to Shoot Better Digital Video

Interested in creating a video or assigning a video project?  Here's a web tutorial that will show you how to get started.  This free mini-course offered by Virginia Tech covers topics such as storyboarding, shot selection, framing and composition, cut on action and lighting.  It's a nice website that covers... more ».

Shooting Better Video | web page (interactive)

Final Cut Express Version 4 Video Tutorials

Final Cut Express (Version 4) is Apple's intermediate digital video editing software.  It is the "little brother" of Apple's Final Cut Pro software that is used to produce motion pictures.  However, it offers more advanced features than Apple iMovie.  Some advantages offered are the ability to work with multiple audio... more ».

FCE 4 Video Tutorials | web page (interactive)

iMovie 09 Video Tutorials

iMovie is Apple's digital video software that is part of their iLife suite.  It is currently loaded on all new Macs.  It will allow you (or your students) to create digital videos in a non-linear fashion.  It's a fairly robust program that allows you to add still photos, audio tracks,... more ».

iMovie 09 Video Tutorials | web page (interactive)

Windows Movie Maker (Vista Version)

Windows Movie Maker is Microsoft's free digital video software that is part of the Vista (or XP or Windows 7) operating system.  It will allow you (or your students) to create videos in a non-linear manner.  Microsoft provides a useful online resource to help those new to Movie Maker.  The... more ».

Windows Movie Maker (Vista Version) | web page (interactive)

Adobe Acrobat 9 Video Tutorials (Adobe TV)

Acrobat Version 9 is Adobe's latest Acrobat release.  In order to help users learn software features, Adobe has created a number of tutorials, training videos, and sample files.  The link provided in this blog entry will give you access to over 40 video tutorials created by experts at Adobe.  For... more ».

Adobe Acrobat 9 Video Tutorials (Adobe TV) | web page (interactive)

Learning About Google Apps at UMN

This website, Google Apps Collaborative Learning Space, contains information and lessons regarding using Google for collaboration as well as to share related resources. There are eight lessons (see below) designed for both users who are learning to use Google Apps and users who are going to train individuals to use... more ».

learning google apps | web page (static)

Google for Researchers

This document gives an overview on how Google can be used to enhance research. The website, based in Moodle, gives information regarding the following nine topics:Setting Up A Google AccountGoogle AlertsGoogle BooksGoogle DocsGoogle PatentsGoogle ReaderGoogle ScholariGoogleSearch History... more ».

Google for researchers | web page (static)
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) held its first pecha kucha-style event this past Fall. Ten short, entertaining presentations will be given by faculty, staff, and students on the topic "Google@UMN,". If you missed this great event, you can watch all ten of the presentations online. The... more ».

Google@UMN Presentation | video

Video & Media Assignment Calculator

This document provides step-by-step guidelines for instructors who would like to plan a multimedia project with their students. Thirteen steps are presented to creating a quality assignment that will lead to productive outcomes for students.  Also included are examples of effective assignments and video projects.... more ».

Video & Multimedia Assignment Calculator.doc
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Online Resources for Digital Storytelling

This document provides a list of websites containing information that can enable you to create engaging digital stories. While perusing though the hyperlinks, you will learn to use digital video, images, text, and audio to create fascinating digital stories.  General topics in this document include:  sound and image resources, digital... more ».

Online Resources for Digital Documentaries.pdf
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This is a list of ten very good reasons why instructors should work with IT Fellows.  It was put together a few years ago by a former Fellow, but the reasons are still quite valid.  Of course, there are multiple other reasons to contact a fellow, but these are just... more ».

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The Academic Health Center (AHC) Learning Commons Group collaborates with health sciences faculty and academic units to develop innovative, interactive, and engaging online and hybrid learning programs. In their work, faculty are the content experts. We provide expertise in learning design and innovative Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies.  Their blog... more ».

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The Office of Information Technology (OIT) The Emerging Academic Technologies group (EAT), explores, analyzes, evaluates, pilots, and implements emerging academic technologies. EAT team members investigate these emerging technologies as a part of their day-to-day work practices, at the request of clients, and at the request of strategic planning groups at... more ». | web page (static)