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Make CEHD Surveys iPad-Friendly

This 2-page pdf document is intended for users of the CEHD Survey Tool. If you would like to use an ipad to collect multiple responses to an online survey these are the steps to follow in order to configure your survey appropriately.... more ».

Making CEHD Surveys iPad-Friendly.pdf
download ( 176 KB ) pdf document

Technology Project Evaluation Guide

This guide has been adapted to guide Instructional Technology Fellows and others who are interested through the evaluation process. It has been adapted from the 1998 U.S. Department of Education "An educator's guide to evaluating the use of technology in schools and classrooms" and the "FAST Tex 2005 Program Evaluation... more ».

Tech Project Evaluation Guide.rtf
download ( 64 KB ) rich text document

CEHD Survey Introductory Instructions

This brief 'how-to' guide explains step-by-step how to establish a new account, add questions, activate a survey, send invitations to take a survey and get survey results. This document has been distributed to students and faculty who are just wanting to use the basic features of the tool for simple... more ».

download ( 217 KB ) pdf document

Online application for UMN listserv

This is the online submission form for requesting a university listserv. You can request either a course related or non-course related listserv. ... more ». | web page (static)

How to use Z the UMN URL shortening service

This is the video introduction to the CLA URL shortening service Z ( that can be used by anyone at the University of Minnesota.  You can use this service to make sending links to students easier.  This service is similar to tinyURL or more ». | video

Course Guide Tutorial for Instructors

This tutorial will show you how to use the Course Guide to tell students more about your courses before they register, so that they can make informed registration choices. This tutorial was created by Academic Support Resources at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. If you have any questions about... more ». | presentation

Microsoft Word 2007: Mail Merge

This UTTC developed document will walk you through using the mail merge features of Microsoft Word 2007.... more ».

Word 2007 Mail Merge Instructions.pdf | download ( 96 KB ) pdf document
The myU collaboration website is your one-stop shop for accessing and maintaining your group's current documents, calendar, contact information, and more in an easy-to-use website. The site can be password protected so you and the other group members can confidently share information, hold candid discussions, and maintain confidentiality. ... more ».

Collaboration Quick Reference: General.pdf | download ( 208 KB ) pdf document

UMCal: Orientation - UTTC

This is an 18 minute UTTC presentation which introduces University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students to UMCal, the University's Oracle-based calendaring system now available campus-wide. UMCal facilitates collaboration among individuals and departments by providing a common calendaring system. Custom face-to-face sessions can also be delivered to groups for a... more ».

UMCalOrientation | presentation

MS Office 2007 Overview - UTTC

This presentation will introduce participants to the new interface and features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2007. Viewers can work with files from all three applications to explore enhancements to the Office system. Participants are invited to have their own files ready for experimentation. This presentation is... more ». | presentation

myU Portal: Orientation - UTTC

This is a 10-minute UTTC presentation which introduces the myU web portal for University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students. myU is a customizable web site where you'll see information and announcements specific to your role at the University. myU can be viewed at This learning opportunity is currently... more ». | presentation

Moodle: Student Orientation - UTTC

This course introduces using Moodle at the University of Minnesota. It is intended for students taking courses from instructors who use Moodle for web-based learning activities and course materials. It provides a broad overview of Moodle for anyone interested in exploring its features. This learning opportunity is currently available as... more ». | presentation
The Office of classroom management has developed a series of central classroom-specific instruction guides.  They cover for specific classrooms internet connections, wireless, audio, video (DVD, VCR), sound & speakers, connecting laptops, projectors, overheads, doc cams, and other general central classroom items.  They also outline specifically how to turn on and... more ».

Central Classroom Instructions | web page (interactive)

General Classroom Tech. Instructions

The Office of classroom management has developed this general classroom technology use guide.  It covers internet connections, wireless, audio, video (DVD, VCR), sound & speakers, connecting laptops, projectors.  It also outlines specifically how to turn on and off the system.The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) is the central point... more ».

In-Room-Users-Guide.pdf | download ( 529 KB ) pdf document

Moodle - Attaching Files in a Forum

This is a short and simple web-based document outlining the 4-steps of how to attach a file (document, picture, presentation, etc.) to a forum post in Moodle.  This is an end user guide, but should be of interest to administrators as well.... more ».

Moodle Forum - Attach Files.html
download ( 1.2 KB ) web page (static)
Here is a short document that outlines the CEHD Instructional Technology Fellow job description.  You can also find a list of the core technologies that are supported by the CEHD instructional technology fellows.  These are the technologies that you can go to the IT Fellow for "expert" advice. ... more ».

IT Fellow Job Description.pdf
download ( 126 KB ) pdf document
This is a visual document showing UMN instructors how to use the College of Liberal Arts' CLAMP (CLA Mobile Podcasting) Mac-based video capturing laptops and the UMN Media Mill system to create a video course guide.  It walks you through how to use the CLAMP system's Photo Booth software and... more ».

download ( 4.18 MB ) pdf document