TurningPoint Clickers and Moodle

Courtesy of the Moodle support staff, here are some instructions for intergrating Turning Point clickers into your course site:

To import via block:
1. Go to your Moodle course site, add TurningTechnologies block. Add clicker numbers, or ask students to do so. (Notice that by going to the block settings you can activate annoying pop-up reminder for those who fail to register)

2. In TP, once you have got your sessions/results recorded:
  • Go to Tools >Sessions Management > Export CSV. On this screen make sure to select Sakai form the Export Format dropdown
  • Click Export. Save Text file locally.
3. Go to Moodle site
  • TP block > Administer TP technologies > Import
  • Type Assignment title (this will be the title of the new special TP column in the gradebook). Browse to the text file and Save changes.
Note that "Override all existing" option works only for overriding TP columns

To push directly from PowerPoint
  • Open PP/TP menu, click Tools > Integrations
  • Type: Moodle and https://moodle.umn.edu. Click Connect
  • Type x500 and x500 password. Click Refresh. Click Next
  • Select Export Grades. Click Next
  • Choose a course. Click Next
  • Click Current or Other Session on top. Preview grades
  • Type a new of anew grade item, click Finish