WebVista, Grant Access to Guests, TAs, and Instructors/Designers

WebVista has made it really easy to add additional designers and TAs to your online course sites. Here are the instructions pulled from: http://webvista.umn.edu/instructors/access/individuals.shtml

Grant Access to Guests, TAs, and Instructor/Designers

Instructor/designer users can enroll other individuals in their sites as a:

  • Student, which can access course content and complete assignments and assessments.
  • Auditor, which is similar to a student, but their activities are not tracked.
  • Teaching assistant, which can grade assignments and assessments and participate in discussions. TAs have limited instructor access, and can enter information in the grade book via a tool, manually, or through importing a spreadsheet. They cannot add or delete members, or grant or deny access to other uesrs.
  • Instructor/designer, which can create, edit, and delete all course content, communication tools, and assignments and assessments. This role can also evaulate all student submissions, assessments, assignments, and discussions.

To add a user to your site:

  1. Log in to your WebVista site via the myU My Courses & Teaching page.
  2. From the Teach tab, under Instructor Tools, click Grade Book.
  3. Click Enroll Members.
  4. Under User name: enter the user's University of Minnesota Internet ID (e.g. username in username@umn.edu). To look up a username, go to People Search: University of Minnesota.
  5. Under Assign Roles: click either Student, Teaching Assistant, Auditor, or Section Designer, then click Enroll.
  6. Click Save.

The user will be able to access your site via the myu.umn.edu My Courses page the next time that page refreshes, in six hours or less.

If the "User name not found" error message appears, follow the steps below to add a user to the WebVista database, and then follow the steps above again.

If you try to add a new role to a user already in a site, you may receive an error. If a user is already a TA and you add designer access, they will be upgraded to full instructor/designer status. Instructor/designers added by this process do not have their names appear next to course sites on the myu.umn.edu My Courses page or on the My WebVista page.

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