iPad App Review: Underscore Notify

The Underscore Notify app allows you to write notes with your finger/stylus on the screen, type text anywhere on the page, draw pictures, insert web clippings and photos, record audio, create a bulleted list: all with the availability of different fonts, colors, pen widths. The 'canvas' scrolls on and on so you have unlimited space within one document. Once you have finished with a 'document' you can EASILY email it, post it to Dropbox, share it with others, upload it to Google Docs. It is a multifunctional tool! Would be a great app for anyone who wants to use the ipad for an in-class whiteboard. This app is PROJECTABLE: after class you can email the whole record of class to students!

Price: $1.99   
Version reviewed: 3.2.1.         
Current rating from the App Store (out of five stars): 3.5 stars     
Reviewed by: Caroline, pstlitf@umn.edu

Underscore Notify
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/underscore-notify/id380866331?mt=8 | other media