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iPad App Review: smartNote Free

smartNote Free is a notebook app that allows users to take notes, sketch out drawings, plans or ideas, and write out short personal notes-to-self.  smartNote Free can also be used to take notes on pdf files.  Notes can be arranged in custom notebooks.  Several templates are available for note taking. ... more ».

smartNote Free | download ( 21.9 MB ) web page (interactive)

iPad App Review: iHomework

iHomework is an app that allows students to organize, track and manage course assignments, readings, quizzes, exams, and other graded or required items.  This app allows you to store instructor contact information along with office hours as well as course information such as meeting days and times.  Graded or required... more ».

iHomework | download ( 8.0 MB ) web page (interactive)

iPad App Review: Evernote

Evernote is an app which allows a user to capture information from a computer or iOS device and to store that information in a remote location that may be accessed through the web.  Data is stored "in a cloud" and may be accessible and searchable at any time and from... more ».

Evernote | web page (interactive)
Periodic Table of Elements is an app that provides detailed information about each chemical element.  A simple tap on an element provides a summary of the chemical traits of that element as well as the representation of the atoms electron shell.  Elements can be viewed using atomic number, group, metal... more ».

Periodic Table of the Elements | web page (interactive)

iPad App Review: Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D is an application that allows users to explore the human musculoskeletal system.  A viewer is provided that allows the user to learn the actions, origins, insertions and nerve innervations for major muscles.  3-D Lessons provide a close-view of the musculoskeletal structures of the shoulder, vertebrae,... more ».

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D | web page (interactive)

iPad App Review: 3D Brain

3D Brain is an interactive 3-D model of the brain that allows users to explore 29 brain structures.  A general overview is provided for each structure along with a case study, associated functions, associated cognitive disorders and problems and issues that may be related to damage of that structure.  Research... more ».

3D Brain | web page (interactive)

How to create pdfs

This resource will take you through the steps to creating a pdf. It also contains links to additional resources such as: how to install a pdf printer and where to download necessary programs. (this resource may require users to enter their x500 U of MN id to access the content)... more ».

How to create pdfs | web page (interactive)

CEHD Survey Introductory Instructions

This brief 'how-to' guide explains step-by-step how to establish a new account, add questions, activate a survey, send invitations to take a survey and get survey results. This document has been distributed to students and faculty who are just wanting to use the basic features of the tool for simple... more ».

download ( 217 KB ) pdf document

MediaMill Instructions

This document provides a basic overview on how to upload video clips to MediaMill, create derivatives and process videos into different formats. These step-by-step instructions provide images and screen captures to help the process.... more ».

MediaMill Basic Instructions.pdf
download ( 544.6KB ) pdf document

NetFiles: Basics UTTC Workbook

This UTTC workbook provides extensive information about basic uses of the University of Minnesota NetFiles account. It is a good general reference for those who would like to begin or continue using NetFiles to store and share files, and collaborate securly.... more ».

NetFiles: Basics | download ( 616 KB ) pdf document

NetFiles: Orientation - UTTC

This is a UTTC course for University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students who would like to obtain an overview of NetFiles, the University's secure file storage and collaboration service. This learning opportunity is currently available as a 10-minute online presentation.... more ». | presentation

WebDav for WebVista

This document will explain how to set up a WebDav Web folder for your WebVista File Manager space. We also provide a few tips about using WebDAV safely and provide further resources. WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning." It allows users to edit and manage files on... more ».

webdav-vista.shtml | web page (static)

Using NetFiles to Share Grade Books

This document outlines how instructors and teaching assistants can securely share a class grade book based on an Excel file using NetFiles.  This document will help you increase the security of your students grades if you choose to maintain them using Excel files.  This document can also bee seen as... more ».

Grade Books in NetFiles Guide.pdf
download ( 25 KB ) pdf document
This is a visual document showing UMN instructors how to use the College of Liberal Arts' CLAMP (CLA Mobile Podcasting) Mac-based video capturing laptops and the UMN Media Mill system to create a video course guide.  It walks you through how to use the CLAMP system's Photo Booth software and... more ».

download ( 4.18 MB ) pdf document

Media Mill Help and How-to-do guides

This is a link to the Media Mill help and how to guides. Any and everything you ever need to know about the Media Mill can be found here. Media Mill is a project launched by the CLA Office of Information Technology (CLA-OIT) to archive and distribute video and audio... more ».

mediamill/help.php | web page (static)