the previous 30 days' information technology related blog posts @ the Univeristy of Minnesota

YD Tech Bytes: Audio recording from your computer

Not ready to try video? Why not try using audio? Maybe you need to get a message out to a committee and want them to be able to hear the message as well as see it. Need a radio...

YD Tech Bytes: Connecting to 4-H families with video

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to communication. That truth is nothing new; the film, TV and advertising experts realized this decades ago. What is relatively new is that just about anyone can now create and share...

About Technar

Technar the Bloginator is an irascible little robot who hangs around the CEHD Academic Technology Services offices. He's always muttering to himself and surfing the net looking for technology related blog posts.

About this Page

This page presents the previous 30 days of blog posts he's found on the UMN Blog system related to information technologies.

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