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7 Things You Should Know about IT Accessibility

This quick read from EDUCAUSE provides essential information on accessibility, including potential implications and opportunities....

Small-Scale Hydropower Provides Renewed Hope for Energy Policy

Catherine Cumming, MJLST Staff Member As 2015 begins, many worry that the Republican majority in both the House and Senate will adversely effect energy policy over the next few years. With a scheduled Senate committee hearing and vote this week...

Commercial Drones: What's a Business to do?

Neal Rasmussen, MJLST Staff Member Since the March 2014 decision by administrative law judge Patrick Geraghty, the legality of using a drone for commercial purposes has been up for debate. Geraghty held that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could not...

Biosimilar Drugs Gaining Traction with the FDA

Ethan Mobley, MJLST Staff Member Recently, an FDA-commissioned panel recommended the Administration approve a cancer fighting drug developed by Novartis called EP2006. The recommendation is significant because if the FDA follows the panel's advice and approves the drug, it will...

Driving Under the Influence: Recent Legal Developments in Cellulosic Ethanol Industry

Ke M. Huang, MJLST Lead Articles Editor As a second-year law student, I met an energy law attorney who told me that sometimes his job felt like mediating between two parents. Two parents butting heads. The more recent legal developments...

Is it illegal to test websites for security flaws? Heartbleed & the CFAA

Erin Fleury, MJLST Managing Editor Earlier this year, the general public became acutely aware of the Heartbleed security bug which exposed vast amounts of encrypted data from websites using OpenSSL technology (estimated to affect at least 66% of active websites)....

Somnophilia, The "Sleeping Beauty" Disorder

Becky Huting, MJLST Editor To date, at least 19 women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of some type of sexual abuse. The majority of the women have told similar stories that involve some variant of being drugged, sexually assaulted,...

The Limits of Free Speech

Paul Overbee, MJLST Editor A large portion of society does not put much thought into what they post on the internet. From tweets and status updates to YouTube comments and message board activities, many individuals post on impulse without regard...

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