the previous 30 days' information technology related blog posts @ the Univeristy of Minnesota

Transcoding Modern Formats

I've noticed that this blog still gets a decent amount of traffic, particularly to some of the older articles about transcoding. Since I've been working on a tool in this space recently, I thought I'd write something up in case...

YD Tech Bytes: Keeping people engaged in meetings

Note: The Youth Development Learning Technologies Team uses this Blog to educate colleagues on distance learning technologies which helps increase staff interest, knowledge and skills through ideas and tools to facilitate 21st Century teaching and learning. The next Youth...

ITSS Positions Open

ITSS is currently seeking to fill two End User Support positions....

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Technar the Bloginator is an irascible little robot who hangs around the CEHD Academic Technology Services offices. He's always muttering to himself and surfing the net looking for technology related blog posts.

About this Page

This page presents the previous 30 days of blog posts he's found on the UMN Blog system related to information technologies.

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