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Cinque Terre- Five villages on the coast of Italy

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I just got back to Rome after spending the weekend hiking through the 5 beautiful villages on the coast of Italy. Cinque Terre is composed of 5 towns (Montweosso al Mare, Vernazza, Cornglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) that are located in a city called La Spezia.
The villages have a walking trail called Sentiero Azzurro (light blue trail) that connects all of the 5 towns. From my pictures above, you can see that one of the main attraction of the villages are their unique landscape.

Cinque Terre is filled with amazing hiking trails that have great history and significance. The path from Riomaggiore to Manarola is called the Via Dell' Amore (lovers walk). Along that path, people can write their names on the walls. Halfway through the path, there is "lover's lock" where people "lock their eternal love" by getting a lock, signing their names on it, locking it, and leaving it in that area. I was happy to buy a lock, sign 5 of my girlfriend's name on it and locking it on the railing. On the same path, there is also a "love seat" in the shape of  man and woman locked in a kiss- I saw many couples pose on the seat.

The next hike from Manarola to Corniglia took approximately 30 minutes. To reach Corniglia town center there was an up hill hike and a large zig zag shaped staircase with 385 steps which was tiring. Then the trail from Corniglia to Vernazza was longer and the terrain was uneven. The hike took approximately 2 hours. The trail from Vernazza to Monterosso was the steepest  and the most exhausting. There was over 250m of climbing over very uneven rocks, totaling approx. 750 steps. Although my body is sore from it, It was worth getting to the last town and spending the day on the beach.

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