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Career of the Week- Sport Journalist

"The media can create heroes and heroines, restructure the rules of the game, expose corruption or elevate an athlete, a team or an institution to become an American tradition."
The power of selection in coverage and interpretation of the event rests with sports journalists and media organizations.

Sports journalism is power, responsibility, fast-paced, demanding -- a lot of hard work. It's also great fun! The benefits include box seats at the games, meeting sports stars, getting to know the people who manage the major league teams or train the Olympic athletes - travel, fame, and hearing words of appreciation from your own fans. As for the pay, it varies as wildly as possible among all the career tracks, jobs and places in which sports journalists can find themselves. Magazine sports journalists generally earn higher salaries, and Internet and broadcast sports journalists can do very well.

Pursue a career in print sports journalism or be a part of the media sector. With a graduate degree under your belt and a few years of experience, you will be in a position to join the ranks of national sports journalists.

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