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Teacher position in Brazil

Teacher Leitissimo School. Brazil

-Develop/Plan teaching/teaching
-Approx. 8 children (ages 5 to 10)
-Approx. 4 Adults. Basic reading and writing.
-Work in with the local community (farm and factory families and community)

The Leitissimo School was started 6 years ago to attend the primary school teaching needs of children of the farm staff here in the internal part of Bahia state 350km from the capital of Brazil, Brasilia.

Over the past 9 years the Leitissimo farms have grow considerably with a small milk factory having been
added to the business in the last year, hence more families moving onto the site.

They key goals of Leitissimo are;

(a)The shareholders aim to lead the development of profitable dairy farms and processing facilities
and benefit from the added value of the integration of these activities.

(b)To lift the living and working standards of people working in the Brazilian dairy

(c)To set high standards relating to environmental management and animal husbandry.

A key part of the social development is the school. Our goal is to give the children a great start to their
education by using local curriculum and supplementing it with effective contemporary methodologies,
which stimulate in each child the love of learning.

Setting a good platform for literacy, math, science, and topics relevant to the local environment is a key
goal. Ideally the candidate would be bi-lingual (English/Portuguese) as students come from the local areas as well as from New Zealand.

The school is set inside the farm which itself is located in the beautiful cerrado landscape. One of the great savannah lands, which carries special ecological importance.

Key attributes.

Passionate about teaching and sowing the seed of learning in others.
Self starter. Likes the outdoors. The location is rural, albeit in a special landscape from an ecological point of view.
Portuguese and English speaking (if possible).
Primary school trained.

The opportunity presents a great opportunity to combine career with an enriching overseas life experience.
Interested? Please apply by sending you resume and cover letter to Simon Wallace Leitissimo at

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