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Emily Smith, B.S Human Resource Development, Business & Marketing Education, Leadership

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Emily Smith
B.S Human Resource Development, Business & Marketing Education, Leadership

Have you ever utilized the resources of CEHD career services?
I had worked with career services in the capacity of resume writing & general career advice ( such as how to choose a major), but I had never worked with career services with learning how to job search. I sat down with one of the career counselors and she taught me job searching strategies, techniques, how to look for organizations I would like to be a part of and work for. Furthermore, I learned how to identify positions that were a good fit for me.
At first it was frustrating because it was a new skill I had to learn and didn't excel in naturally. With the help of the career counselor, I felt more resilient and determined to utilize my skills and talents to find my dream job out of college!
I ended up going to a particular networking event on campus with employers, connected with several companies and ended up getting an interview with one. I also met with a recruiter from another organization and went through the application process for that job. Excitingly enough, I was offered two amazing positions out of college and had the tough decision to make between two starting careers!

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to share with others about your experience transitioning to your first job out of college?

One word of wisdom I have for students out there is to network. The word network can be a daunting word, especially if you are introverted and find it harder to meet people. However, in today's world, it is crucial to put yourself out there and share who you are because you never know whom you will meet and what they will connect you to.
If you are intimidated by networking, start off small by asking someone to coffee to get to know them better and then work your way up to larger scale networking, such as attending a career fair or attending a networking event for a professional organization. Through networking, I've met some incredibly talented and successful people who want to help and see me succeed so I encourage you to network, early and often!

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