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Rochester Amateur Sports Commission Job Opening - Last Call

Job Title: Operations Assistant
Rochester Amateur Sports Commission (RASC) Designated Staff

The Operations Assistant's primary objective is to carry out the office functions needed to assure a well-organized and efficient working environment. This person will work on a wide range of other duties. Work is performed under the oversight of the RASC Executive Director.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Provide assistance to office staff in the functions of community athletic support, event management, direct minor events as determined by the RASC team, administer efforts with designated sports teams/groups/organizations as determined by staff, pre-event and post-event marketing and/or results collection, event promotion, sales, event preparation and event coordination. Work closely with all other staff in carrying out the functions of the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission.

Summary of Specific Duties:
- Assist with event details including venue reservations, event staffing, equipment and soft goods ordering & usage, schedule of event, etc.
- Assist in the management and administration of Sports Commission events. This consists of creating budgets, maintaining detailed task lists, setting and leading organizing meetings and on-site supervising of the event as they happen.
- Work closely with the Rochester area amateur sports groups to support them and help them ensure efficient and productive programming.
- Assume assigned duties in dealing with the management and administration of various opportunities as they arise and are delegated by management. Examples of this would be assigned management of the Rochester Youth Hockey Tournaments and/or administration of the other area groups.
- Recruit and manage the volunteers and workers needed to support the events organized by RASC.
- Develop and administer a consistent post-event survey to coaches, players and families. These surveys are used to collect data from events host by RASC.
- Market all RASC events by creating a standard marketing plan that educates those interested (including all potential event participants and local media). This includes managing the ticket sales for RASC events.
- Promote the work of RASC through pre-event and post-event marketing including press releases, e-mail blasts and mailings. Utilize all social media tools, in step with staff efforts, to market RASC and its activities.
- Learn and work with Simpleview - the current software used - to assist RASC in being efficient with clients and sales opportunities.
- Establish and maintain strong relationships with assigned sports in order to maximize future event hosting opportunities at local, state and national levels. Further develop these relationships by attending board meetings, coordinating period luncheon meetings and maintain ongoing relationship-building efforts.
- Contribute to RASC event websites including website and all other RASC social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook.
Support staff management in areas such as marketing, social media, office tasks and any other duties needed to achieve sports commission's goals.
- Attend and contribute at Monthly Board Meetings
- Participate with RASC Team on bids and proposals for future events. Determine the needs of perspective events and the ability for RASC to efficiently handle these needs. Determine the usage of RASC resources versus the return for the effort to the community.
- Work with Simpleview to document work with all events and groups.
- Take incoming calls, evaluate the nature of the call - helping those you can and forward
- Work with event leadership to capture major events with photography and video.

Position details:
This is a salary position based on a full time, 40-hour workweek. Generally, the hours will be 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a one-hour lunch. However, due to the nature of the job, this position will be required to work various evenings, weekends and occasional holidays. All members of the RASC team are required to do the same. Flexibility in work schedules can be considered and discussed with the Executive Director. Pay starts at an annual salary of $24,960 with a bonus program based on results beginning after the first 90 days. Other detailed benefit information will be provided on a separate benefit attachment. Payroll will be disbursed on the 15th and 31st of each month.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Other Characteristics:
- Attention to detail and organization
- Ability to work as a member of the team and multitask
- Understanding that this position requires weekend work, long hours and sometimes demanding times to accomplish team goals
- Excellent written and verbal communications skills
- Honest and conscientious of all staff and volunteers
- Computer literate and proficient in software including MS Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, Quick Books and PowerPoint
- Good product knowledge including sports venues, hotels, vendors, etc.
- Access to personal transportation necessary to conduct RASC business
- Ability to lift a minimum of 35 lbs.

Please send a Cover Letter and Resume to:

Ed Hruska
30 Civic Center Dr. SE Suite #200
Rochester, MN 55904
- Or -
We will be accepting until August 1st

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