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School of Kinesiology Employer Recruitment Event!

School of Kinesiology Employer Recruitment Event
Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
STSS Interview Center, 524
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm (please arrive when your schedule permits during the event hours)

Why Attend a Career Fair or Networking Event?
Networking events and career fairs are excellent opportunities to develop connections with professionals. Not only will you gain exposure to professionals in your field/area of study, but you will learn more about the companies attending the event and potential career options. These experiences and connections will help you as you search for a career and/or generate ideas about careers and jobs that interest you.

What are you going to say?
• Start and end each interaction with a handshake.
• Think about what you will say about your experiences, education and goals.
• ELEVATOR SPEECH- 20 second self- promotion that overviews the values and experiences that you would bring to a company.
• Plan and practice your speech before - Be Confident! Practice it some more!
• Remember to listen to the information they give you, ask questions and take notes!
• Use professional language, make eye contact and be mindful of your nonverbal communication.

Sample questions to ask a recruiter at a job fair:
• How do I find out about job openings with your company?
• How does your organization train its new employees?
• What is the hiring process at your company?
• What types of opportunities are typically available to new college graduates?
• Can you suggest anything I can do to improve my chances of employment with your company?
• May I use your name as a referral source?
• What is unique about your organization?

This list of questions is meant to give you some ideas of what to ask when interacting with an employer at a career event.

After the Event
What now?
• Review your list of contacts and follow-up via e-mail or phone.
• Show that you are serious about the company and contacts.
• Relax! You successfully attended a career fair or networking event and made great contacts!
• Create a way to track you new contacts (ex: connect with them on LinkedIn, Excel spreadsheet, folder in email)

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