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Strengths Coaches at the Job Fair!

This year at the U of M Job Fair there will be strengths coaches on hand all day outside of the student lounge to help students use their strengths to navigate the fair and leave a lasting impression with employers. A short handout with 5 tips for how students can use their strengths at the job fair as well as a video 'Strengths at the Career Fair' can help students think about how they can use their strengths to be successful before the fair. Below is a snippet from the 'prepare' section of the U of M Job Fair with the links to these resources, they are also posted on the student section of our webpage.

Consider what your Strengths are and how you can use them to succeed at the fair. Get tips for how you can use each of your individual strengths to succeed in job searching and interviewing - many of these suggestions are useful for the career fair!
Top 5 Tips for Your Top 5: Career Fair
Strengths at the Career Fair (VIDEO)

Have a confident, professional interaction with the organization's representative.
• Relate your skills, interests, strengths and experiences to specific needs of the employer. Strengths coaches will be on hand the day of the fair to offer advice on how to use your strengths to be successful at the job fair.

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