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CEHD Alumni & Student Networking Event

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Join us at the CEHD Alumni & Student Networking Event to connect with CEHD alumni, learn about their career paths and practice your networking skills in an informal and casual setting.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Coffman Memorial Union, Mississippi Room (3rd floor)

Need a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile and other social media? Free headshot photos will be taken at the event!

Complimentary food and refreshments.

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Sponsored by the CEHD Alumni Society and the CEHD Undergraduate Student Board

Teaching positions in Wayzata Public Schools for 2014-2015

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Beginning in January, Wayzata Public Schools will be scheduling preliminary interviews for anticipated 2014-15 teacher openings. Whether you are just beginning your career or are a seasoned veteran considering a career change, Wayzata Public Schools want to hear from you if you meet the following requirements.

• Must TRULY believe in the ability of each and every student to achieve excellence, and are confident in your ability to teach and assess all levels/types of learners.
• Must be able to follow trends and ensure that the preparation of today's children is always focused on preparing them for the world in which they will live and work.
• Must possess the communication skills necessary to work together with colleagues, parents and students to ensure maximum student achievement and professional growth.
•Must have a high level of knowledge in your subject matter. If you are an elementary teacher this means that you must be strong in all core subjects.
If you meet all of these requirements above and feel that Wayzata Public Schools is the place that you want to call your home away from home, please apply online to job number 14-100.These are preliminary interviews for jobs that we anticipate having open for the 2014-15 school year. They are not representative of current active openings. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about Wayzata Public Schools and an opportunity for us to learn about you. 

More Information:

Wayzata Public Schools Facebook!

Wayzata Public Schools-Screening Interviews-1.pdf

Teaching Temps Employment Open House

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Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.28.17 PM.pngTeaching Temps, Inc. is hosting an Employment Open House on Monday, December 9th from 3:00pm-6:00pm. This open house is located at 5300 Glenwood Ave Ste 300 Minneapolis, MN 55422.

Teaching Temps, Inc. provides new teachers with teaching experience at a variety of levels, networking in area schools, and a competitive wage. Teaching Temps full time employees also receive benefits. Many teachers receive offers for full-time positions after working with Teaching Temps! Teaching Temps is actively seeking teachers with certification and teachers working on certification for full-time and part-time positions. Everyone is welcome and highly encouraged to come to the Teaching Temps Employment Open House!

Answered By: Mykenna Yesnes (Right in picture) and Whitney Zahn (Left in picture)

What are your positions? What school is it for?
We are currently practicum students in Clara Barton Open School in Minneapolis.
How did you learn about this opportunity?
Three practicum blocks are required for the undergraduate Elementary Education program. Next year as seniors, we will finish the other two practicum blocks (reading and special education). For placements this semester, we ranked schools we preferred to work at. Mykenna knew the principal of Barton and really wanted to work in his school.
Describe your positions.
As an introductory practicum, we don't teach in front of the class yet, but rather act as a cooperating teacher when there is work time. Students see us as another instructor in the class and ask similar questions that they ask their teacher, Penny. Much of the introductory practicum is about observing the main instructor and getting a feel for classroom.
What do you most enjoy about your position? What are some of the challenges?
The kids are hands down the most enjoyable part of this position. Being able to help students find the answer to a difficult math problem or work through a paragraph they've been slaving away on is the most rewarding feeling...cliché, I know! But, it's so true! Often times, students forget my role as a teacher and treat me more as a friend. When I come in the morning and when I leave in the afternoon, many of my girls will race over to hug me, which is not how they would treat their teacher. It's difficult to maintain a professional role in the classroom while creating relationships with the students we have come to know over the past couple months.
How does your position fit with your long-term career goals?
Mykenna: This position directly reflects what I imagine myself doing down the road. I'm currently placed in a mixed 3rd and 4th grade classroom, which is my ideal grade to teach in the future. I absolutely love the school I'm placed in. Barton is one of the best elementary schools in Minneapolis and I'd be extremely lucky to work in a school of its caliber in the future.
Whitney: My experience at Clara Barton elementary school has been rewarding in a variety of ways. I have become more aware of the variety of schools I have the potential to teach in and the different goals each school has set for their students. Working in a combined third and fourth grade classroom was quite daunting at first but I have become accustomed to the classroom environment and could not imagine helping out anywhere else. In my future classroom, I hope to work with 3rd or 4th graders because of my experience at Clara Barton. I have gained a great deal of confidence from this semester in the classroom and I look forward to the experiences and challenges that lie ahead for me.
During your job search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
Fortunately, when being placed at a school site for each practicum, there isn't much competition between other undergraduate students. Generally speaking, students are able to work at their 1st or 2nd preferred school site. However, in the future when applying for jobs, it will be extremely beneficial having the amount of experience the University of Minnesota has provided their undergraduates. After graduating from the masters program, University of Minnesota students are somewhere between 5-7 times more qualified than others due to the rigorous and integrated program.
Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
Bring a notepad to school and take notes! It is a great gift to be able to observe teachers who've been teaching for 20+ years and you'll want to document it. Ask for their advice and insight, as they're the best resource for your future. Create great relationships with your cooperating teachers, so you can revisit their classroom in the future or gain more knowledge from them!

Employer Spotlight | Coenen Bros.

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Answered by: Ken Coenen, Coenen Bros. Partner

Describe your organization.
For the past 8 years, Coenen Bros. has been exclusively targeting and working with the best candidates in town, The Pro-Active™ candidates that consist of the top 10% of Finance professionals in the area. Thomas and Ken Coenen firmly believe that by getting back to the basics of recruiting--actually getting in the trenches to speak with candidates and forming relationships--is the only way to find these top tier candidates. This exclusive focus is part of the reason why Pro-Active™ candidates from Coenen Brothers stay at a company 3X's longer and produce 50% more than traditional candidates.
To date, Coenen Brothers have worked with 23 of the 25 largest firms in Minneapolis and continue to build a reputation for working with Top Tier financial talent and doing so with integrity. As of 2013, Coenen Bros. has expanded our services to the Chicago market.

What do your employees enjoy about Coenen Bros? What are some of the challenges your employees face?
I really enjoy the culture at Coenen's important to like the job you are doing but even more important to like the people you work with! Every day at the office is fun and different. A challenge I face as a financial recruiter is not having full control over the candidates I work with...ultimately it is their decision on what to do with their careers!

When you are looking for employees, what do you search for?
We look for individuals who are outgoing, determined, have a fun spirit and a competitive drive. This job is all about forming relationships with professionals so we need people who are able to comfortably interact with strangers and form a strong working bond.

Do you have any tips to share with students or business professional that are looking to enter the workforce?
Advice that we often give our candidates is "company first, job second" and I think that holds true to all professionals. The reasoning behind this is that your job title is no doubt going to change frequently over your first five to ten years at a company, but the company culture and the type of people who work there will remain the same. Find a place where you know you'll be happy and you'll enjoy going to every day and focus less on the title you'll be putting on your resume.

Penske Truck Leasing Company Positions Available

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Penske_logo_color.jpgPenske Trucking Leasing Company is hosting on-campus interviews on December 10th! They have an interview sign up for their PT Rental Agent position and their full-time Management Sales Trainee program. The Rental Agent position is a great part-time postition for a college student. While the full-time Management Sales Trainee program is a wonderful entry level sales position.

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Minneapolis Kids is Hosting Job Fairs and Hiring!

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The Minneapolis Public School District's after school program called Minneapolis Kids is hiring both permanent and substitute positions! Minneapolis Kids are looking for energetic college students who could work afternoon hours. This experience provides a great hands-on experience for college students. Minneapolis Kids said, "Our students feed off the energy and passion that college students bring!"

Check out the flier with details on their upcoming Job Fair.Minneapolis Kids Hiring Fair (1).pdf

Apply anytime online!

Success Story: Austin Kennedy, Park and Leisure Studies

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IMG_0137.JPGWhat was your position? What organization is it for?
Craft Immersion Internship Position, at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

How did you learn about this position?
I found out by word of mouth. I had previously been to the school and heard they were offering new internships opportunities.

Describe your position.
North House Folk School's Internship program is dedicated to preserving the future of traditional craft by nurturing an interest in craft education & hands-on learning. Interns increase their awareness of and exposure to various responsibilities involved with non-profit education and program management. Interns play an active role in the day-to-day campus coordination, public outreach, administrative support, and the developing of traditional craft skills.

What do you most enjoy about your position? What are some of the challenges?
I greatly enjoyed the connections I made with the students. As an intern I support and participate in the mission/vision of the North House Folk School: "enriching lives and building community by teaching traditional northern crafts in a student-centered learning environment that inspires the hands, the heart and the mind." The ideals of teamwork, dedication, responsibility, efficiency and creativity are central to the success of the organization.

The internship's work schedule and time commitments are divided among various roles, each of which is directly connected to the daily affairs and educational vision of campus. It is a long dedicated commitment but the reward of doing such wonderful work in unhindered by its challenges.

How does your position fit with your long-term career goals?
I plan to continue down the road of Outdoor Education, and this hands-on experience gave me the skills that will prepare me for the work in my field. I believe in the connection of nature and preservation, whether it's crafts, skills, relationships, or the natural world.

During your job search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
I took great strides to ensure that my personality resonated through my entire resume and cover letter. I dutifully went through the job description and the history of the organization to entice my interviewers to understand my passion and desire for the intern position.

Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
Do your homework, prepare for interview questions based on the job descriptions. Rework your resume with help from Career Services, use the tools and resources you have available to you while at University. Above all, be yourself, show your personality and be confident.

Project Footsteps Job Openings!

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Project Footsteps, Inc. is offering positions for Youth Leadership Retreat Coordinator, Human Resource Assistant, Business Administration Intern, Marketing & Development Coordinator, and Graphic Designer!

About Project Footsteps:

Project Footsteps is a non-profit organization that serves to inspire, empower and prepare young people to be agents of change and become social leaders within their schools, communities and organizations. Since 2008 we have provided youth driven program experiences both long-term and introductory level that have inspired thousands of students to become leaders in action.

Check out the positions on GoldPASS: Youth Leadership Retreat Coordinator, Human Resource Assistant, Business Administration Intern, Marketing & Development Coordinator, and Graphic Designer

Special Education Screening Fair!

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Minneapolis Public Schools are hosting a Special Education Screening Fair November 22nd from 8:00am-4:00pm!
Minneapolis Public Schools are seeking individuals who are:

-Fully licensed in Special Ecuation (EBD, LD, DCD, ECSE, ABS, ASD)

-Special Education Teachers with Autism Certification

-December 2013 Special Education Graduates

To be considered for this opportunity, please contact: Cherse Williams, HR Consultant, at 612-668-0503

College of Education & Human Development | 612-626-9252 | 104 Burton Hall, 178 Pillsbury Dr SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

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