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July 25, 2012

Mill City Farmers Market

My friends and I went to the Mill City Farmers Market (which is located across the Stone Arch Bridge next to The Guthrie). It was amazing! We arrived a little after ten and the place was packed with a diverse crowd. I had the best gluten free blueberry muffin and an iced coffee but unfortunately, I left my camera at home that day so I don't have any pictures to show you guys. There were many gluten free and dairy free options at the market too, which was awesome. My friends and I decided we are going to make this an every Saturday morning thing. Being able to bike with friends and get a cheap breakfast is something I look forward to every Saturday! I highly recommend attending this farmers market if you have the opportunity. There is great food, produce and live music. And if you don't have money to spend on breakfast go and people watch, it really is fascinating to see the different crowds of people that show up.

Here is the website with more information:


June 28, 2012

Just an update

So this summer has been almost as busy as the school year! I have been applying for a second job and had an interview for a childcare worker at a domestic abuse non-profit organization. I really hope I get the job so I can start working at a job that is relevant to my field. I have still been working for parking- which is nice on these hot days because there is air conditioning. So far I have spent the summer at the beach, biking, going to Duluth, seeing live music and exploring the city. I also plan to apply for a few study abroad options for the upcoming school year! There are so many options that it is hard to choose which program would be the best. All in all, everything is going well and it is wonderful to have a break from homework! 


June 4, 2012

Things to do this Summer

I always find myself having a tough time thinking of things to do with all of the free time I have in the summer so I decided to make a list of fun things to do in that extra time. These are activities I have already done but would love to do again, along with some that I would love to try! And the best part is...the majority are free or fairly inexpensive. 

Art Stuff: 

The Walker Art Center/Sculpture Garden & Conservatory

The Walker Art Center is right in Minneapolis and every first Saturday of the month, along with Thursday nights from 5pm-9pm, is free admission! And the sculpture garden and conservatory are always free. 

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 

This art museum is donations based only and is located near uptown.It has some really awesome pieces of artwork as well as a great view of the Minneapolis skyline. 

Franconia Sculpture Garden

This free outdoor sculpture garden is located at the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and is definitely worth the drive. There are also a lot of state parks in the area as well as small towns to check out after! 

Uptown Art Fair

Roam the streets of Uptown and look at amazing art pieces in August. 

Outdoor Stuff: 
(Both sculpture gardens listed above are outdoors as well.)

Bike Riding 

See all of Minneapolis with these trails or create your own route!

Hidden Beach

Get some sun or go swimming on those really hot, humid days. 

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation 

Find any park with this website.

Music & Movies: 

Outdoor Music and Movies

I have never attended these but this will be the summer to start. 


Como Zoo & Conservatory

I love this zoo, especially for the gorgeous conservatory. 

Farmers Markets: 

Mill City Farmers Market

Minneapolis Farmers Market

U of M Farmers Market

I plan to visit all of these farmers markets throughout the summer. They are all within biking distance from Dinkytown and the Mill City Farmers Market even has a gluten-free week scheduled! 

Indoor Stuff/Staying at Home/Rainy Day: 

I have been doing weekly crossword puzzles through The Daily and The Onion

There are many cheap used bookstores in the area and there are also libraries close to campus to rent books and CDs at. 

Pick up an instrument
I am going to pick up the guitar again since it has been awhile with how busy school gets. 

Draw/Paint/Make Your Own Art
All you need are some art supplies and your set. 


April 22, 2012

Got all the classes I want!

For the first time in a few semesters I finally was able to enroll in every class that I wanted! I am super excited. I also will not have class on Fridays, which is always nice. 

I will be taking: 
  • SW 3701: Intro to Child Maltreatment 
  • PSTL 1312: Creating Identities through Art and Performance
  • KIN 3327: Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School
  • GEOG 3371W: Cities, Citizens and Communities
  • CI 3001: Survey of Art Activities 
These are all classes that relate to my major and my minor, after this I will only have a few more classes left! 


April 12, 2012


It is almost time to register again! I wish that I would have known about this site throughout my college career because it is very helpful. If you are having difficulties getting a schedule together try All you have to do is click on the classes you want to take and it will put together different schedules for you! It is really that easy. 


April 5, 2012

A good tool for teachers!

This is a great tool for teachers to understand the biases that they may have. The Implicit Association Test was created by Harvard to assess an individual's preference or bias. This is a great test and it only takes a few minutes. This is important because teachers can know and reflect on their biases. Here is the website where you can find these tests! 


April 2, 2012

Outdoor Studying

My roommates and I have been studying outside lately and it is my new favorite way to do homework- and it is free! We have been sitting on a flat part of our roof - which is similar to a porch, in the mall, at the stone arch and other numerous places. The roof/porch is probably the most fun, since I have little to no distractions. I would recommend finding some new creative (and cheap) spaces to try to get some work done! Switching it up can have a great impact on studying habits. 


April 2, 2012

Nice enough day

The weather is finally getting nice enough to be able to grab a a gluten free naked burrito from Qdoba and sit outside in the mall for lunch. It is a great place to do homework, chat with friends, watch the juggling club (or maybe even participate!) and even quite possibly, take a nap. Hanging out here in between classes is a great way to get some fresh air and score some sun. 


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