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Got all the classes I want!

For the first time in a few semesters I finally was able to enroll in every class that I wanted! I am super excited. I also will not have class on Fridays, which is always nice. 

I will be taking: 
  • SW 3701: Intro to Child Maltreatment 
  • PSTL 1312: Creating Identities through Art and Performance
  • KIN 3327: Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School
  • GEOG 3371W: Cities, Citizens and Communities
  • CI 3001: Survey of Art Activities 
These are all classes that relate to my major and my minor, after this I will only have a few more classes left! 


Enrolling for all the classes you want? Is that even possible? ahhaha I always end up taking some tedious subjects, cause I didnt manage to get the ones I actually like/

Nell, congrats for the great selection and having your Friday free! I can feel your satisfaction of such an arrangement! Five classes total is not bad at all and I am hoping that you will make the best of them and your free time and not forget to keep us posted:)

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