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Hello, my name is Danielle but for as long as I can remember everyone has always called me Nell. This is mainly because I had a hard time pronouncing my name as a child, not because my parents had a weird obsession over the Jodie Foster movie "Nell". I have always wanted to travel, but have lived my entire life in Minnesota. I grew up not far from the cities and always knew that I wanted to attend college in Minneapolis. The size of the school and city are really what drew me into the University of Minnesota. It looked how college was supposed to look, like in the movies. I have always and will always love the city. But it's not necessarily the buildings or the constant buzzing that I love, it's the people. Being around people energizes me and I couldn't imagine living miles away from another person.

Another love I have always had, is a love of learning and education. If I could be in school the rest of my life I would be happy. This is the main reason why I chose Elementary Education as my major. I love working with others- especially children and I love being able to help others learn as well as continue to learn myself. Children can teach us just as much as we can teach them.

 As often as I have thought of choosing a different career and how indecisive I had been before choosing a major, I finally settled on the Foundations of Elementary Education program with a minor in Family Violence Prevention. I have always enjoyed things such as art, music and cooking, but to me these were hobbies and not something I was passionate about. Learning about and helping others are truly the only things I am passionate about.  

I have learned a lot and grown a lot just in my first two years of college. From living on my own and having to pay my own bills for the first time, to having to find alternative modes of transportation, and finally, finding out I have an intolerance to both gluten and lactose have changed my lifestyle drastically.

Every day we are learning and growing and I am excited to have the oppurtunity to share my experiences and offer advice on living, or more like surviving, in college.   

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