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It is my first time visiting home since I came to Minnesota. It's about a two hour drive from my dorm to my mom's house, and another hour to my dad's house in my home town. My mom bribed me to visit by preparing my favorite foods. I would've come home either way but apparently she thinks I'm not being fed well enough in college, (not true, the freshman fifteen is a real thing). I enjoyed seeing my mom - that's right, I actually missed my mother - but I was antsy to get home to my dad and especially my little sister, and just RELAX. But I didn't come to my home as I remembered it. I had forgotten that my room is completely bare, stripped of all my favorite things, and my dad is remodeling the living room and all is in chaos. It's been a very short period of time and already it doesn't feel so much like home anymore. But I guess that's part of moving out, right? It's strange, but also liberating in a weird way. Anyway its great to be "home", with my baby sister. Here are some amusing photos of our reunion, these really say it all. As you can see, she's not really a "baby" as even with the five-year age difference she towers over me. Many mistake her as the older sister, until she does something like in the second photo. :p

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