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Life in Color (Day Glow) Madison

So a while back I went to the largest paint party in the world. That's right. It is a show composed of three different DJ's, the closer was The Bingo Players. I hadn't heard of them before but they are very good. It's not just the music though, it's a performance. They have people on stage wearing outrageous costumes, doing tricks on a trampoline or on this big wheel thing, girls hanging from the ceiling sitting in hula hoops or just spinning around in the air. And then there's the paint... Pink, green, and blue paint is coming out from the ceiling going all over the entire crowd. At one point, my boyfriend lifted me up on his shoulders and at that very moment pink paint shot out and about half a gallon of it ended up all over my front. While up at the very front the security guards have these big paint guns that they shoot all over the front line of people. One of the guards took a handful of pink paint and dumped it over my head. We drove all the way to Madison for this insanity, and they are coming to Minneapolis on November 16. I plan to go again because it was one of the funnest things I've ever done. My boyfriend and I love to go to shows like this, such as Bassnectar which will be in the cities on November 3!


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