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So last weekend my boyfriend and I went to Bassnectar at the Target Center with a few of our friends from back home. We love going to shows like this so we got all dressed up, and we weren't the only ones in costume since it was right after Halloween. You always see some crazy stuff when you go to shows like these, so really if you want to "fit in," you have to go all-out crazy. The opener was Gramatik and then Zed got the crowd more pumped up for the big show. Both of the openers played about an hour each and then Bassnectar had a two-hour set. The show went from 8 pm to 12 am. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Minneaplois Hotel Autograph Collection that night, only a few blocks away from the Target Center. We figured it would be best so we didn't have to stay in the dorms and disturb the peace. I can only imagine what the gaurd at the door would've thought about our attire. So we got to walk back to the hotel after midnight and downtown was poppin'; we got a lot of comments about our costumes. Not only that but the Minneapolis Hotel is beautiful, only for just over $100 per night. Overall it was an amazing time. Next weekend we are going to Life in Color (again!) at the Myth on the 16th. I have to say, we lead a pretty extraordinary life.








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