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Life in Color (Day Glow) Minneapolis

Also last Friday was Life in Color. Technically it was in Maplewood, Minnesota at The Myth so it was a little bit of a drive. But boy, was it worth it! When I saw them the first time in Madison it was very different, but I actually think this time was better. A lot of our friends from our home town came up to go with us, including our friend Bri who is in a wheelchair. Because of her being with us we were in the disability section. I liked this a lot because if you get down in front of the stage it is so packed you can't even move, it's just claustrophobic. So having room to dance was a big plus for me! Also we were much more prepared the second time around! We knew to bring plastic covers for our car seats to avoid stains. Also sunglasses are necessary because that paint will get in your eyes and it BURNS. Lastly, we knew this time around that you can buy your own paint to go crazy with, rather than just relying on the staff to get you with paint. Though that still happened, Bri definitely got more paint than anyone there--at one point a staff member dumped an entire bucket of paint on her. But having our own little paint fight in our group was so entertaining. I now look forward to LIC every time they come around, it's something that everyone should go to at least once. I mean it's the largest paint party in the world! We went pretty hard this time around; we even got in a lot of the pictures that are now on their website. One of my friends even crowd surfed! That was insane. One horrible thing that I couldn't get out of my head though was one guy who began seizuring in the crowd and whoever he was with had to drag him out. Seizures happen pretty often at shows but of all the shows I've been to this was the first time I witnessed one. They happen for a variety of reasons--often due to drug overdose but also sometimes people have underlying conditions and the bright, flashing lights cause something like an epileptic seizure. All I know is I never want to witness one again, it was the scariest thing I've ever seen. His muscles were contorted, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, and he was foaming at the mouth. In that situation the best thing is to be educated and know what to do. Luckily the person he was with knew to grab onto his tongue to be sure he didn't bite it off or swallow it and choke on it. She had to drag him out of the crowd and call for help, and they carried him away to get him some water. All you can do then is wait for them to come out of it. We asked the guards after the show and they said he was fine, thank goodness. I hope nothing like this ever happens to you or someone you know, but if it does, just BE SMART. Stay educated, and be safe. It was hard to have fun after seeing something like that but we just sent a prayer with him, put it out of our minds, and continued on. All in all it was still a good time. Can't wait for the next one!!


































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