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Light Rail Construction

So those of us who live in the Twin Cities area know all about the light rail construction, mostly because it's impossible NOT to. We have to endure countless detours because of it, whether we are in a car or on foot or anything, it affects our lives. And it's a nuisance no doubt. However, I can't deny that when the light rail is all finished, it's going to be wonderful. The new light rail will connect downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul and also goes straight through the middle of campus. How convenient for everyone, right? Except the light rail has more downsides than just annoying construction. Such availability of the transit will cause a rise in property value, causing rent to go up on the surrounding properties. You'll notice if you drive along the light rail that many surrounding small businesses have closed down. This is also because under the current plans, 87% of on-street parking will disappear along University Avenue between Raymond Avenue and Rice Street, making less access for cars. It will also cause lower-income people to be displaced for they won't be able to afford their rent anymore. The construction of the "Central Corridor" transit line is not without much controversy, but hopefully it will all be sorted out by the projected completion date, which has now been moved to 2014.

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