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Long Distance Relationships

Most people come to college single because they are ready to break ties and meet new people and rediscover themselves. Being in a relationship can complicate things, especially since it will likely be a long-distance relationship. However there are a few brave souls, like me, who come into college with a boyfriend or girlfriend. And I won't lie and say it isn't tough. I actually don't recommend coming into college with a significant other if it's not serious because it definitely makes it harder to re-integrate into a new environment. In my case, my boyfriend and I had been together over a year when I left for college and our relationship wasn't something I could just toss out. Not only that, but he only lives less than two hours away which is hardly long-distance; we see each other all the time. So even though I don't recommend it, there are exceptions to the rule. So if you are one of the exceptions, here is some advice on how to make it work. First, see each other as often as possible. This may be harder for some, but you have to work together to make it possible. When you do see each other introduce your significant other to all of your new friends to make them feel more comfortable, then go out and do something fun together. Second, make time to talk to them. You will be busy at college, but you should call at least a couple times a day and fill them in on what you're doing, how you're feeling, what you have going on. You have to keep them involved in your everyday life. Lastly, jealousy kills and communication is key. Neither of you can be controlling nor overly jealous otherwise it will never work out. Though you need to keep in touch, you also need to maintain your own lives without worrying about what the other will think or say. Your significant other has to understand that you are meeting new people and living your life. If something is bothering you, communication is imperative. You should be open to tell them anything you're feeling so that you can work it out; holding it in is just asking for trouble. These are really very basic tips to keep up any relationship, but they are especially important when it's long-distance. You must be ultra-sensitive to the other person and their feelings because it is very hard. Be sensitive and understanding, and never stop trying to make it work. With this, all will be fine. Just ask my very happy boyfriend. J

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