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As I have mentioned before, there was a lot of campaigning for this year's election--advocates for not only Obama or Romney, but also for the changes in the constitution. This year was my first time voting and since I'm from Wisconsin and not considered a permanent resident nor do I have a Minnesota driver's license, I was confused about how registration would work. I registered on the day of the election, and it was even easier than I thought. All I needed was my student ID and they already had the "proof" needed of my residency since I live in the dorms. The voting booths were less than a block away from my dorm hall and it took about 15 minutes to register and vote. I am a supporter of Obama because I agree more with his policies. Coming from a working-class background, Obama's policies are what's best for me and my family. My father relies on unemployment, disability, and veteran's benefits, and my entire family relies on medicare. As for me, I rely on government loans and grants to get myself through college. It seems to me that Obama is the right answer. I also support gay rights and the right to marry for everyone. I have many gay friends and family members and I was raised to believe in equality and to love everyone fully. I feel it is wrong to limit marriage based on sexual orientation. Lastly, I support the right for everyone to be able to vote. Ironically, my brother was unable to vote because he does not have a Minnesota driver's license yet, and his roommate could have been a voucher for him had he not been in the same exact situation. Therefore, the results of this year's elections swung in my favor in every way and I was a happy camper at the end of the night. Though I was pretty nervous for a while there, it was such a close one. All in all, I'm glad everything turned out the way it did and I think everyone in Minnesota will be affected in a positive way.


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