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Roommate Problems

They happen no matter what you do. Even if you and your roommate are completely compatible or maybe you knew each other beforehand, living with someone can be hard. Here are some tips to get along with your roomie. Firstly, you are going to want to avoid conflict with this person because you live with them all year, but you need to be sure to be open and honest when they do something that upsets you. Set boundaries right off the gate so there are no surprises. For instance, I'm very particular with my things I'm not huge on borrowing, therefore I need my roommate to ask before she uses my things and I let her know this. It's hard to approach your roommate about something they did that bothered you, but you have to otherwise things will build up and escalate beyond the point of fixing. Secondly, you need to find a balance with your roommate. You live with them and therefore you see them every day and so don't expect to be best friends forever. If you are with your roommate 24/7 you will get sick of each other! So find a happy medium. Lastly, respect your roommate's space, just common sense stuff. Check with them before you bring people around, don't eat their food without asking, don't borrow their things without asking, don't leave a mess on their side of the room, and most importantly be respectful and quiet when they are studying or sleeping. All of these things are key, and if you and your roommate can't do these simple things, you are in trouble. Be a good roommate and set expectations for your roommate.


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