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Things You Won't Think To Bring

In moving to campus, often there are many things that you may need that you're not going to think of until you get here. So I am compiling some information here about some things you might want to add on to your personal list of what to bring to the dorms. First of all, the housing website has already laid out a basic list for you. Some things that will already be in your room when you get here include: a single-size bed (which you'll probably want lofted), a mattress and mattress cover, curtains, closet, drawer, desk, garbage can, and chair. Some obvious things you'll want to bring that are also on the list include: an extra-long twin sheet set, comforter/bedspread and blanket, pillows, towels and washcloths, bathrobe, flip-flops for the shower, personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, razors, shaving cream, female personal care, q-tips, nail polish remover, cotton balls, etc.), small carrying case or plastic bucket to carry toiletries, prescription medication, warm coat and boots, clothes hangers, laundry basket/bag (and detergent, fabric softener, etc.), storage boxes that fit under the bed, book case/shelf, non-halogen desk lamp, floor or bedside lamp, small fan, one set of dishes, bicycle and bike lock, phone, answering machine, stereo or iHome, television, DVD player, alarm clock, approved extension cords, coax cable, and Ethernet cable. Now that's a pretty exceptional list, however there are some other things you will want. A couch or futon is necessary and I recommend an ottoman as well which can open and store all your food. Storage is key when living in the dorms! Because of this, bring a reasonable amount of clothes, especially winter clothes because cold weather will come surprisingly fast once you get here. Rubbermaid bins that can fit in your closet for clothes or shoes is an excellent idea, since you only have a tiny dresser and half of a small closet to fit everything. More closet storage can be found by using things like a hanging shoe rack, hanging shelves, or those hangers that hang five or six hangers vertically. Along with your dishes make sure you bring dish soap and a sponge. Obviously you need school supplies but MAKE SURE you have a stapler. I'm not kidding, there aren't staplers in classrooms like in high school and all of my professors require things pre-stapled on the due date. I ask to use the stapler at the front desk of my residence hall so much I think they're starting to think about charging me for it. You will definitely want to bring a bike as it will cut a good ten minutes off of your walk to class. As for appliances you will definitely want a refrigerator, a microwave, and if you are a coffee drinker you better bring a coffee maker or you will spend all of your FlexDine on Starbucks like I do. You also might want a water filter, like one of those Brita pitchers that filter water. This way you won't have to go buy water all the time or waste all those plastic bottles. You'll also want to bring things to warm up the space like a rug, lots of pictures and wall decorations, a tack board, a white board for your door, mirrors, etc. We also got a piece of fabric to put up with the already existing curtains because the curtains you are supplied with do very little to keep the sun out and we like to sleep in. You won't have much space for jewelry/hair stuff/makeup so bring bins which you can place on a bookshelf or perhaps small Rubbermaid drawers or other displays. If you bring a printer (and a stapler) it will make your life so much simpler, believe me. But keep in on the down-low because once everyone knows you have a printer they will all come knocking on your door to use it and before you know it, you're out of ink! I recommend a small toolkit for small emergencies, like when the towel bar in my closet fell down I was very glad to have a screwdriver. Also, spare lightbulbs for when your desklamp go out can't hurt. Furthermore, if you have allergies like me, I recommend a humidifier. It gets very dry in here. Along with that, bring tissues, Advil, DayQuil, etc. because you will get sick and you'll want them on hand! Lastly, bring a medical kit so you will have Band-Aids and things like that. If you use a hairdryer or iron, obviously bring those too since they are actually allowed. Christmas lights and toasters are not permitted, however you see a lot of them. I hope this helps, it sure would've helped me!

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