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Break Time

Thanksgiving break was really good however I think that for many students it was horrible. Often times first-year college students come home for the first time on their break and everyone in their family has to realize that they've changed; they're more independent, their family can't treat them the same way that they did. Everyone's asking questions about your classes and you major and what your plan is for the rest of your life and whether or not you've been drinking or doing drugs or having sex. It can be overwhelming. Although my family didn't do any of that to me because I've always been independent and they already know everything about me, my family always has its fair share of drama over the holidays. Christmas break will be much longer and probably overall better for everyone now that that first break is over with and everyone knows what to expect. Yet, there are things that I am feeling hesitant about. Like the whole procedure before you go on break is pretty hefty. Obviously you have to pack which is stressful enough but also you need to make sure there's no food in the fridge, everything must be unplugged, windows must be shut, heat must be on low, any valuables must be placed high off the floor in case of broken pipes, and also you must get rid of anything that you don't want your CA to see because they must go in each room to check all of these things. Then it's like what can you afford not to pack, how much stuff are you actually going to need? You can't pack everything. Though Christmas break isn't supposed to start until the 20th, most everyone I know will be gone well before that. I'll be gone by the 13thI'm excited for a nice long break even although it won't be much of a break since I'll be working back home nonstop. Either way, it'll be nice I think. I hope it is nice for all of you!

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