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So finals for me is less like "Hell Week" and more like "Hell Month." My finals don't all fall in the same week so they are spaced out and therefore give me more time to be miserable. My first final is December 4 and my last final is December, 12 and by "finals" I mean two actual tests, four essays including one which is ten pages, field notes from 26 hours of community service, and a mini documentary. So it's not just about studying for exams because that would be easy, it's the projects and papers that are killing me! It's only my first year here but I get this feeling like the time leading up to winter break is going to be much tenser while finals are going on. Personally I'm feeling very stressed out and more than anything I'd just like to cuddle up to some Netflix and be extremely unproductive, but I can't. My advice is to make a list of everything that you have due up to the end of this semester in chronological order and get started right away just to lower your blood pressure a bit. For more tips see my previous blog on stress management. There is help for you out there if you are struggling with your final papers or you are not a good test-taker. Don't be afraid to approach your professors and get all the extra help you need to get that grade. Good luck to you on all of your final-related stresses!

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