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When you first arrive at the dorms it does not feel like home. It feels weird to be on your own and share such a confined space with someone and have to climb up to you tiny bed. You'll miss home in ways you never thought you would. For the first few days you may wake up not knowing where you are for a split second. That still happens to me every now and then. But you'll be surprised how quickly it begins to feel like home here. I refer to my dorm room as "home," and it doesn't feel so much like home when I go back to my dad's. None of my things are there and I actually have to pack to go back "home," it just isn't as contented. Your dorm bed becomes more comfortable than your bed at home; your college friends become better than your friends at home. You get close to everyone around you and you hate to leave. Also you get so used to your schedule that when you go home you don't know what to do with yourself and all of your free time. My roommate says she's actually dreading going back home for break because she likes it more here and she considers this to be her home. I agree to an extent but I am excited to catch a break. But the dorms are my home, at least for the next four months!

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