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Packing to move into the dorms was pretty stressful for me, as I'm sure it is for everyone, considering you're moving from possibly the only home you've ever known. (Check out my list of things to pack for the dorms!) I'm facing almost the same amount of stress over packing for Christmas break. To me, home is where you hang your hat, where all of your things are. Now all of my things are here and I am comfortable here, so having to pack up a bunch of stuff to go back sounds terrible; I'm settled in here now! Obviously I'm not taking back everything, I'll only be gone five and a half weeks, but packing is still going to be a task especially with finals forcing me to use all of my free time on studying!

Things to pack: only clothes and shoes I'll actually be wearing (which in reality is the majority of my clothing here); necessary toiletries; technology and chargers; all my winter attire; medications.

Things not to pack: unnecessary amounts of hair products, make up, and jewelry (let's face it, I'm not dressing up for my family); toiletries that my parents will have (I'll save money by not using my own!); any school stuff whatsoever (they call it a break for a reason).

Things to do: close windows; leave heat on low; unplug every single thing in the room; put anything valuable high on my bed; take all plants or pets (not applicable); hide anything my CA wouldn't like (also not applicable?); make sure there is no food in my refrigerator or elsewhere; empty trash cans and recycling; wash dishes; let your CA know a good time to check your room.

There, now I feel better!

However I am looking forward to having about a week to relax and do nothing at all, and then I'm actually looking forward to going back to work at the bank for a while to see my coworkers and make that money of which I lack! Obviously looking forward to seeing my awesome family and spending quality time with them, (something I never thought I'd say prior to college), and for the holidays and all the wonders that come with them!

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