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I have always been bad at making a Christmas wish list--for some reason I've always felt like it's selfish or just weird to ask for things. Being the humanitarian that I am, I'm always looking at the big picture and even when I sit down and think I can never think of anything that I actually need. Therefore I have always just asked for money which ended up giving me less than I could have recieved. But now that I'm a broke college student, that has all changed. Not only do I have less of a problem with asking for things, but it feels like there is so much more I need.

Here's my list (so far):

  • A bike to get to class faster (5 extra minutes of sleep!)
  • Books (either recreational reads or my textbooks)
  • School supplies for next semester (in desperate need of a stapler)
  • New tires for my car (winter is here!)
  • A new winter coat
  • A kitten (after I'm out of the dorms of course)
  • A nice fleece throw blanket (for my futon and for cuddling up in when a comforter isn't appropriate)
  • A Brita water filter / pitcher (so I can stop buying water)
  • New clothes/shoes/accessories (still wearing clothes from middle school; also would like some UM apparel! Gotta represent)
  • Gift cards for restaurants (college kids are broke and hungry)

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