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I'd like to take back my last post if possible...

Firstly I should tell you, I went to the Boynton clinic yesterday for the first time. Usually when I go to the doctor I have to plan on being there for about two hours, but that is not the case at the Boynton quick clinic. Even with the epidemic they were super fast and efficient. I decided to go in because my boyfriend had gone in and his doctor gave him antibiotics for bronchitis. With my severe asthma I did not want to wait any longer for it to get worse, that stuff gets pretty serious. The pharmacist at Boynton told me that she once had bronchitis for three months straight and had been coughing so hard she broke a rib! So anyway I went in first thing and told the doctor my symptoms, he said it could be bronchitis or even the flu but the medications for the flu only work within the first 48 hours of the illness and I have had it longer. So he gave me the same antibiotics my boyfriend got and sent me on my way. My medication even charged straight to my student account! Talk about convenience. Meanwhile I'm unable to hold down food which I'm pretty sure isn't a symptom of bronchitis. I googled it and bronchitis usually comes after you get a flu virus so it would appear that I now have a nice combo going on. My boyfriend's doctor called to confirm this flu/bronchitis combo, the antibiotics will get the bacteria out of our throat but the flu we must fight on our own. Hence, I was wrong and my mono is not back, however I still am sick as crap. So now you, too, are educated in the variety of illnesses you are exposing yourself to this season!

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