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First Day Head Explosion

Happy first day of classes! Hopefully everyone's finding their classes alright and taking advantage of the tunnel system in this blistering cold weather! Brrrr! Why couldn't it stay in the thirties and forties? Oh yeah because we live in the Midwest and force ourselves to suffer through the winter. Anyways, this semester I have a few rougher classes than I did last semester, I have a feeling last semester will look like a breeze in comparison to this one. Introduction to Statistics; Literatures Of the World: International Perspectives; Multicultural Perspectives in Public Speaking; Seeing Youth, Thinking Youth: Media, Popular Media, and Scholarship; and High School: Moments, Memories, and Meanings. It's the first three that I believe will add the most to my workload. I already have homework in most of my classes--my first speech is due this Thursday, second speech due the following Tuesday, and many chapters to be read including chapters 1 and 2 for statistics tomorrow, out of a book I have yet to receive. Stress doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling on this first day of class. Furthermore I have other things to worry about such as my tuition which must be paid somehow, some way. Blegh. But I'm excited for my classes this semester no matter how stressed I am, and I hope you are too!

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