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Mono? Is that you, back for more?

My body decided last night that I deserve to be sick on my first day. Due to my stress level, I suspect that it's my lovely mono virus (that I now must get comfortable with for THE REST OF MY LIFE) back to bite me in my behind. Well played, mono, it's not like I have enough on my plate already. See, when I first came into contact with the virus I got a little educated. Once you get it, you have it forever. Just like herpes only in my opinion, worse. It lives in your body and waits for your defenses to be down and then it attacks. When you are under any sort of stress, for example, you shed mono cells out of your saliva, so even if you aren't showing any symptoms yourself you can easily spread the virus. That's what happened to my roommate at least, and that's how I got it. She had had mono before, years prior, then comes welcome week of college and she's stressed, shedding cells, showing no symptoms, and sharing drinks with me. I get sick as a dog, and now here we are. People say that you can only get mono once, but according to a friend who is familiar with the virus, he's had it four times now. Meanwhile my immunity is down for a bit and suddenly I have symptoms again. But now that mono and I are friendly I think I know how to fight it. I am staying so incredibly hydrated I can't drink water fast enough, I'm eating an orange like every freaking hour to get some good old vitamin C in me, I am sleeping every possible moment, and I am being super cleanly, sanitizing my hands till they fall off. I don't wish this illness on anyone so I really don't want to spread it, however I already gave it to my boyfriend before I even had the time to realize I was getting sick. Sorry, babe. And to all of you: be healthy before you get the mono, or anything else for that matter (I'm lucky in that I haven't contracted the flu or strep...yet). Happy epidemic, stay healthy out there.

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