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As you may or may not know, the deadline for your FAFSA is once again quickly approaching. By now you should've received your W2's and should be getting your taxes done. If you are a freshman like me, you might be wondering whether or not your parents should claim you as a dependent. I personally went into OneStop and I asked them what would be best for me, and they said yes, my dad should claim me. Your parents will need your W2's to do your taxes as well as their own. I highly recommend having a professional do your taxes rather than attempting them yourself. Furthermore, the deadlines on Scholarships are also here and if you've been procrastinating like me, you better get in with your advisor and get on that. Looking for scholarships can be tough because although there is much out there, it is so hard to sort through them and figure out what you are or aren't applicable for. Apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can because although it's not fun and it takes time, free money is never a bad thing, especially when you're a broke college student. Next year when you are no longer in the dorms and you don't have to pay for the meal plan and all that other nonsense they charge you for, you should actually get money that will be left over. Once everything comes through and your tuition is paid, anything extra goes into your pocket. That's money to pay your first few month's rent while you look for a job, or to put back into your probably drained savings, or even to start paying back all those student loans we have building up. Like I said, money is never a bad thing when you're as broke as a college student. All those people weren't joking about the being broke part, huh? Moral of the story, get your crap together and apply for scholarships, do your taxes, and get next year's FAFSA done and get that money!

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