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On-Campus or Off-Campus?

That is the question. Now that my first year is coming to a close, I am forced to figure out where on earth I'm going to live next year. It is no secret that the dorms are not cheap, and although they were alright for my freshman year, I am so over the dorm scene. Like most others, I am ready to get the heck out of here and get into an apartment. Most college students move into the apartments on campus such as 412 Lofts or Stadium View. These are exceptional choices because they are so conveniently close to everything and you will be able to room with all of your new college friends. However, I will be moving in with my boyfriend, not my college friends. Also, the wonderful, well-located apartments are even more spendy than the dorms. Living on campus is extremely competitive and considering the great location (right on campus, right next to the light rail, etc.) the rent gets increasingly expensive. So then there is living off-campus which seems like the route to take for someone as broke as me whose parents won't be paying for my college or rent or anything. There are numerous suitable off-campus apartments where you get much more bang for your buck. For example, one of my friends will be living in one of the on-campus apartments with three other girls. It is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment, and each girl will pay about $600 a month. In Whitebear, about a twenty minute drive from campus, you can get a two-bedroom, one-bathroom with amenities such as an indoor pool and sauna, where my boyfriend and I would each pay about $300 a month. Sounds much nicer, doesn't it? There are also many options in St. Paul or Roseville; all of these towns have decent and safe options. However then you must take into account the extra time it will take to get to classes every day, the cost of gas, the cost of parking, and so on. I still have absolutely no idea where I will be living still, (should probably get on that,) and there is much to consider. For any of you who are in the same crunch as me, I hope this helps a bit. Good luck to all of you trying to figure out your life.

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