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I posted about good study places at the beginning of my first semester here, and I did alright considering I had only been here a short time and had not explored nearly as much as I have now. Yet I did very little to shed light on specific places that are ideal for studying. This is somewhat of a paradox because good study spaces are quiet and uninhibited by people, so blogging about them could potentially turn them into the next Coffman or STSS (overcrowded and under-productive). So my idea is that I will give you pictures and hints to lead to a gem of a study place that I have found and if you know campus well enough you will likely be able to find them with ease and the study space will then not be ruined.

So I made the first one EXTREMELY easy:

Thumbnail image for ss1.jpeg


Hint: These are two different rooms that are great study places within the same building. I have one class in this building, and every time I come here I see all of my professors as well as my boss... It's like they're all ALWAYS here for some reason... Anyway, in the first room there is rarely anyone present but even when there is every now and then, it's still pretty dead quiet. To me it's a really inspiringly beautiful building which for some reason makes my studying easier because I feel like a scholar sitting in this gorgeous, artistic place, thinking about all the people who may have sat there before me. I'm hopelessly imaginative. The second room is even more deserted except for a few teacher assistants every now and then. This room has just as much seating as the first, maybe more, but it also has nifty white boards all over the room.

Here's the second one, almost as easy:



Hint: I came across this little nook when I was making use of the Gopher Way underground tunnel system, so that narrows it down for you. I have been this building before but never noticed this room so it must be pretty incognito. This is another amazingly beautiful building but it is very popular for studying and is very crowded. People come here mostly because there are a lot of books here... That should give it away right there!

I will post more as I come across them; I have much to do over on the St. Paul and West Bank campuses. Best of luck to you in the never-ending search for lovely places to flourish in your academic excellence! (I'm sorry, I'm sitting in that inspiring room right now, feeling all scholarly.) 

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