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Call for applicaitons: JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Scholarship

This Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) short-term student exchange scholarship is offered annually to a student in the College t under the formal exchange agreement that exists between the Faculty of Education at Hiroshima University, Japan, and CEHD. One student applicant will be selected from those applying to receive a scholarship to study and/or do research at the Faculty of Education for up to 12 months.

Japanese language proficiency is not required to receive this scholarship, although it would obviously be a major asset. Most past scholarship recipients have used this period to collect data for their M.A. or Ph.D. research paper and/or as an opportunity to learn basic Japanese and develop an understanding of contemporary Japan. To a person, every recipient has termed this a ‚Äútransformative life changing experience‚Ä?.

The conditions of the scholarship are listed below. We encourage applicants from across the College community. The deadline is Wednesday, March 5, 2008. The successful applicant will be notified by Friday, March 7. All application materials, including a certificate of health must be received by Hiroshima University in Japan by 24 March 2008.


The conditions of this scholarship include:

1. Applicants must be a registered student in a graduate degree program (masters or doctoral) to be eligible for this scholarship.

2. Provision of Japanese Yen 150,000 for your roundtrip economy airfare between MSP and Hiroshima, Japan (assuming you stay for the entire period; early returns will be pro-rated). (see Business Section of any newspaper for current conversion rates into US $)

3. Japanese Yen 80,000 living stipend per month.

4. Preferred (but not guaranteed) status for gaining a room in the International Student Residence at Hiroshima University. (this cuts living costs greatly)

5. Possibility of participation in Japanese language courses for international students coming to study for degree programs in Japan.

6. Assignment to a faculty mentor (professor) in your area of research interest.

We can furnish you with the name of the last UM/CEHD JASSO Scholarship awardee if you would like to get more direct information about how the program operates on the ground.

To obtain a copy of the description of the program and the application materials, please contact Ms. Yuki Watabe, 430 Wulling Hall or e-mail her at

For more detailed information or to answer specific questions, contact Professor Gerald W. Fry at or (612) 624-3377.

Again, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience another culture and nation in an educational setting where you will live with and meet fellow students from all over the world. We welcome your questions and your application.

NOTE: Japanese nationals are specifically NOT ELIGIBLE for this scholarship. It is intended for non-Japanese only (including international students studying in the CEHD/UMN.

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